2 big Powerball winners in Stockton despite no jackpot

Bria It Is The Top Of The Country A Powerball Jackpot So , Big The Signs Can’t Even Display It. Look At That. The Real Number Is $1.3 Billion. Nobody One Las Night’ $947 Million Prize So It Rolls Over , To Wednesday.there Were A Half Dozen Tickets Here In California That Had 5 Of The Six Winning Numbers On Them. One Of Those Tickets Was Sold In Stockton Kcra’s Kristen Simoes Shows Us, It’s A City On A Winning St.

Ok, So I’ll Take $10 Power Ball Ticket Please. Kristin Powerball Is Once Again : Breaking Records, With The Jackpot Climbing Now To A Number So Big, The Powerball Signs Can’t Display It $1.3 Billion. I Hear It’s A Worldwide Record, So Hey, Why Not Me, Right? Kristen: Customers Lined Up To Try Their Luck At Parkwood Gas And Food On West Hammer Lane, Where Someone Purchased A Ticket With 5 Out Of Six Winning Numbers On Last Nights Draw, Earning Them $779,000.

After Seeing The Results Last Night, I Figured Yeah, I’d Better Follow The Luck And G Over Here, So That’s Why I’m Here Now And Lucky It Is. Kristen: In September Of 2014, This Store Sold A Winning Super Lotto Plus Ticket, Worth $11 Millio Now They’re Proving Lightening Can Strike Twice. This Is A Lucky Place Right Here. That’s Why Every Time I Come, I Buy Tickets. Was The Most That You’ve Won Here?

I Think Uh, 500 Bucks. Kristen: What’s Even Luckier Than One Store Producing Two Winners In 16 Months One City Producing Two Winners In Just One Night.one At This 7-eleven, And The Other Just Six Tenths Of A Mile Away On Hammer Lane. This Is Where An $8 Million Super Lotto Plus Winner Was Born Last Night, Which Makes Owner Sukhi Sandhu A Winner, As Well >> I Felt That It Might Be A Prank With All That Powerbal Hoopla Stuff Going On.

But The Hoopla May Be Just Beginning. With The Next Chance To Win Just A Few Days Away, Many People Are Buying From Both Stores, And Betting On Stockton To Keep That Winning Streak Going. I Bought 1 Powerball And 3 Lottos.$5 In Each Place. Small Investment For A Possibility Of Winning. I Guess Stockton, That Is Lucky Town, And We Could Use The Good News, Right I Would Definitely Say It’s A Lucky Store, Yeah.kristen: In Stockton, Kristen Simoes, Kcra 3 News. Brian: The Odds Of Winning Are 1 In 292 Million. Analysts Expect About 80% Of All Possible Ticket Combinations