24 Hours inside Hacker Roblox Video Game in Real life

– Okay, wait. – It’s back online? – It’s back.

– Daniel! – The camera’s finally working. Maybe it’s fried?

– There’s no way – [Daniel] It’s not working? to get in contact with the Game Master now. – [Daniel] Computers are all down? – [Matt] Computers are all out. – [Daniel] Okay spy gear, we gotta check the spy gear. – [Rebecca] What do we do?

– [Matt] Everything’s down. – How did this happen? – [Daniel] What? Rebecca, Matt, guys. Wake up!

– [Rebecca] Where are we? – [Daniel] Get up! – Where are we, Daniel? – [Daniel] I don’t know.

– What happened? – [Daniel] We were in the lazer room – The lazer room, yeah. – [Daniel] We had the laptop – We got the laptop. – Wait, where’s the laptop? – I don’t know.

Do you have it? – [Rebecca] What? Where are we? Daniel, what did you see?

– [Daniel] Okay, hold on. – Okay. – When I got up I saw I think I saw the Red Hood. – Red Hood? – [Daniel] I don’t think I was dreaming, I think I saw the Red Hood.

– She trapped us here? – [Daniel] Yeah, but where are we? – Whoa. – [Daniel] What? – Look at this.

– [Daniel] What? – The floor. Look. – The floor’s lava, but this is actually, the floor’s hacked right now. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh.

– Okay guys, welcome back to the Matt and Rebecca channel. Right now we are trying to figure out how to get the final laptop so we can stop E3. – Yeah. You guys know the Red Hood hacked our website and now look, this is the giant “hacked” sign on here. It’s like a giant game, like the floor is lava game.

– Right now, we are trapped inside this room and we can’t get out. Like, there’s no way out right now, Daniel. – There’s not? – [Rebecca] She tracked us, – Red Hood tracked us, and today is the final day of what we thought was E3, right? – Yeah. – [Daniel] What are we gonna do?

– I don’t have anything on me. – [Daniel] No spy gadgets? – No spy gadgets. – [Daniel] Nothing? – Do you have anything? – They never check here.

You see anything I can hack into? _ We need your help right now you guys. Look for any way for us to escape. And we need to get the laptop. – [Daniel] TV. TV.

Nothing on the TV. – [Matt] Daniel. Maybe here? – Is that the control panel? – [Daniel] Yes.

– [Matt] Control panel. – [Daniel] Okay, let me try. Okay, controlling. All right. It looks like the floor controls the room. – Like a giant video game.

– Yeah, it’s like a video game in real life. – A virtual maybe? – [Daniel] Yeah. From what I can tell, is like, pressure, will unlock the room. But I think it might have something to do with the word here, “hacked.” – [Matt] Hacked.

– Hacked. Like if we put pressure on every letter here on the floor, it should unlock the room. – Wait, so we’re going to be playing, like, a video game in real life right now? – [Daniel] Exactly. – Okay. – The Red Hood was talking about a game for E3.

A ton of you guys commented that. What if this is part of the game? – This is the game? – [Rebecca] Maybe. – [Matt] What? This is the game?

– They’ve said things about Roblox, Minecraft, this might be one of the games. – [Matt] Okay, you said pressure sensors, right? – Pressure sensors, yeah.

On the letters hacked. – [Matt] How many letters are there? – Six. – Okay, what do we have six of right now? – Six of a– – Legs!

– [Rebecca] We each take two. – [Matt] Okay. – I’ll do “H” and “A.” – Okay, I’ll do the “C” and the “K.” – [Rebecca] Okay.

– Okay, so before we unlock this, should we check to see, like, if there’s a way out of here? – Yeah, we definitely need to have a plan. It’s gonna turn into a chase. – Oh. Through the control panel, maybe I can access some security footage.

See what’s gonna be outside that door. – [Matt] Through the control panel. – [Daniel] Yeah.

– In the lazer room, there were a ton of Quadrant all over. So I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a ton of them out there. – Maybe I can pull this up on that TV right there. – [Matt] Oh! – Okay. Let me see if it pulls up.

All right, watch that TV now. – [Rebecca] There’s a laptop. – [Matt] They’re putting a laptop away. – [Rebecca] That’s the laptop that they hacked from us. – Okay, now we need to go in there and find the laptop.

That’s what we came here for. – [Matt] Which letters do you want? – H-A.

– [Matt] Okay. Why don’t you take “C” and “K?” – [Daniel] C-K-E-D. Ready? Three, two, one. Whoa.

– [Rebecca] Whoa. – [Matt] What? – Hold on. – [Daniel] Check it. – It’s open.

– [Daniel] Great. – I see an open door right there. That might be the room we just saw in the security footage. – [Daniel] Oh, great! – Shh.

– We know the laptop is right in there, right? – Yeah. That’s the fifth and final laptop. – I see a water bottle on the table over there. I’m gonna create a distraction, you guys are gonna sneak in and grab it.

All right, smash your thumbs up right now if you think this is a good idea. – Yeah, we need to get this laptop back. – [Daniel] Grab it!

– Go! – [Daniel] Where’s Rebecca? She was right behind you. – Coming. You guys are so going so fast.

– Okay, we have all three laptops right now, we’re gonna stop E3 right now. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Daniel, okay come on. – Yeah. – Where’s this from? – Oh, we needed some motivation for the Game Master Network.

– Where’d you get– – Amazon. You know, your account. – Okay, we need to focus on E3.

– First laptop, as you guys can see right here, hacked. – Thanks to you guys for letting us know what the Game Master told you about the three pass codes for these last three laptops. So the Game Master told you guys that the pass code for the first laptop was at Q’s Hideout. You guys told us that it was – [Both] Eight, eight, seven, zero, two.

– So hopefully this works. Are you ready? – Yep.

Here we go. – Okay. – Eight, eight, seven, zero, two.

– Okay, we’re in. – Okay, good. – Daniel! – And firewall down.

– Okay, that’s the third one! – Boom. – So we have three of the laptops deactivated. The final two are right here. I’m just gonna open this up. – What was the second clue that the Game Master told you guys when we were in the sleep cloud?

It was something about the casino, yes! Something about the dice, remember? We used the dice to solve a clue and those numbers were actually a pass code. – It was actually in a sequential order, so it was three, four, five. – Oh.

– Three, four, five? I mean, that’s a really simple password. – Sometimes it’s just simple, like, why do you have to be so complex. – Okay. – Maybe she just needed to remember it. – Yeah.

Three, two, one. – It worked. – Whoa. – Okay.

– Here we go. – You guys, if we get all five of these laptops, we’ve stopped E3 with your guys’ help. – Okay, here we go, and… – Deactivated. – Done. – Deactivated.

– One more. – Last laptop. – So you guys said that the Game Master gave you guys the last pass code for this laptop and thank you guys for commenting it, so now we can put it in. – The last pass code that he gave us was P, M, E. – Yeah. – P, M, E?

– Three, two, one. – Okay! It worked, it unlocked.

– Okay. We did it? – I mean, I deactivated it, – Yeah, wait. – [Daniel] but this other screen popped up.

What is this? – Whoop. – Game Master Network, I’ve made a mistake. There’s actually a sixth and final laptop, but it is a virtual laptop that is hidden inside of the game on the computer. Please be careful, as the information I’m receiving might not be 100% correct. – Do we need the to find the laptop?

– I mean, that’s what the Game Master’s message said. – Okay. Well, let me sit down and do this here. – It looks– – It’s kinda working, but not really. – Can you move it?

– The character’s not moving around. – We have the remote E3. – From the clue mansion.

– Yes! – Oh. – You guys, we took this from the Red Hood’s mansion and we knew it had something to do with E3. Maybe this is it. Do you want me to try? – Yeah.

– Okay, I have never played Roblox before, so bear with me. It’s working. – [All] Whoa. Look, I’m just spinning around.

– Wait, stop. – Okay. What should I do next? – Well, look at the character’s head. It’s red hair, but doesn’t it kind of look like a hood? – Do you think this is the Red Hood?

– Like in a virtual video game form? – Wait, whose account is this? – “Red Hood Quadrant?” – What? – Oh!

What is that? – I just– – Whoa, it’s like a ninja move. – I just go like this and it does a ninja move. – Whoa! – Maybe not.

– Okay, so what’s the goal right now? We wanna find a computer, right? – [Both] Yeah. – So maybe we just look in this Roblox game and there will be a computer there? – Okay. – Forward… – Just gonna keep going forward, up.

– Where are you going? – I don’t know. – Maybe– – How do you know where to go? – [All] Whoa! – Look at this. – Maybe into that red house, like the red mansion, but it’s red.

– Whoa. – Do you guys think that we should go into there? Wait. Before we go into there, look around. It looks like a ninja training course. – Wow, you’re right!

– We’re looking for a laptop, guys. – A laptop. Okay, let’s go on this like, ninja training course. – Oh, they’re all moving.

– Spinning. – Okay, hold on. If I run fast enough– – Whoa, so fast! – Look! – Look at those bars, it’s like you can do ninja moves on it. – Oh yeah.

Here, let me try. – Like spy ninja training. Guess all you can do is jump. – Yeah, this is a jumping game. – What is this? – Whoa.

Look. – Are you going inside? – I think so. – Oh, you’re in the water!

– I have no idea how to do this! – Okay, maybe we don’t go inside there. – Whoa, watch out for those. – [All] Oh no! – Looks like I have a bubble around me now. Do you guys know what that means?

Oh, there’s a tree. – This is like Fortnite. – Oh yeah. – Maybe we have to build stuff like in Fortnite. – Yeah. – You’re like up against the wall.

– Okay, wait. I don’t know what I’m doing! – Rebecca! – I’m trying to get out!

– [Both] Oh, okay. – What? – Whoa! Where are you?

– I just went into a secret hidden door. It’s all black. What? – It’s a secret tunnel. – This must be where the laptop is. – I think this is it.

– Okay, made it back out. Maybe if I go up into here… – Whoa! It’s so dark in there. Wow, that is a really cool ninja course.

– You’re pretty good at this game, Bec. Oh, you’re jumping. – [Both] Oh!

– Looks really hard. – I don’t know how to do this. Okay. – Maybe you’re right. What if we have to be in Roblox for 24 hours?

– Oh! – Like we’re trapped in here? – Okay, maybe we should just get off the grass.

– Yeah, look at this city– Wait, do you guys see this? – Whoa. Wait. – A timer just popped up. It’s counting down from five minutes?

– Okay, then we need to hurry. Okay, there’s a door. – Does that mean we have to find this virtual laptop in five minutes?

– Rebecca! – Five minutes? – Or what? Or E3’s going to happen, we won’t stop– – Mystery box. – Okay. – Oh, ninja!

There’s people. They’re all around something. “Ninja.”

– Go say hi to that guy, Bec. – “Welcome to ninja temple.” – Go.

– Okay, I’m gonna say hi. – [Both] Oh no! – I don’t know what I did. – Hold on, watch out for the soldiers over there. – “Ninja Of Light” and “Ninja Of Shadows.” “Soldier,” “Ninja.”

– Which one– – Look! – Oh you just turned into the “Ninja Of Light.” – You turned into a ninja. – Oh my gosh. How did I do that? Look, there’s that light!

I wanna go– That’s a laptop, you guys. I think that’s a laptop. – Okay, go to it, Bec. – I’m trying. – Hold on, I’m going around it. – Rebecca.

– Okay, we need to get someone. One of you guys needs to join the Game Master Network so that– – Okay. – Look at those symbols on the back. Do you think that means anything?

– Oh. – Comment down below in the comments section if you know what that means. – Okay, I’m trying to move. – It’s the Red Hood.

– Yeah. – I think it’s the Red Hood. – Okay. – You’re playing as a Red Hood, Rebecca.

– Okay, I’m on the laptop. Okay, so what should I do? Daniel, you have hacker skills. – I mean, just, you gotta stop jumping Rebecca! – Okay, I’m trying.

– What is that? – Oh, it’s the computer screen! – Wait.

– I activated– – This is it, this is the computer. Is this where we’re gonna shut down? We have to deactivate the virtual computer like we deactivated the actual, physical laptops.

– All on this laptop now. Daniel, you should sit down. You’re the hacker here. – Okay, we’re out of Roblox, Daniel we gotta hack this.

– Okay, uh, I don’t know. I don’t know where to go! Like, this is totally different than what I’m used to.

The Paint? draw something? – You guys, the countdown is still going!

That means that we have to do it before the timer runs out. – Okay, there’s a folder here, should I go in here? – I don’t know. – Nothing in the folder. This folder is empty. – Daniel, press that button right there.

– Oh. – There’s a button. Go in the Notepad, see if there’s anything on there. – No. – No.

Close those out. – Okay, hold on, let me shut these down. – Look. Do you guys see that red button? – This red button? Okay.

– [All] Three, two, one. – [Matt] It’s the Red Hood. – You fell right into my trap.

These laptops were always supposed to make it into your safe house. – This whole thing was a trap? Everything? – Now that you have activated the virtual machine, I now have access to your EMP inside your not so safe house.

Game over. We’re coming for you. – Whoa, look. – Access to the EMP… The EMP! – Where’s the EMP?

– That’s where we are right now. – Where’s the EMP? – [Matt] To the ‘fridge! – Okay, wait. – Is it back online?

Daniel! Okay, the camera is finally working. – I can’t get the TV. – [Daniel] The TV’s fried or what? – There’s no way to get in contact with the Game Master now. – Computer’s all out.

– [Daniel] Matt. Computers are all out? All of them?

– All out. – Okay, spy gear. We gotta check the spy gear. – [Rebecca] What do we do?

– [Matt] Everything’s out. – How did this happen? – [Daniel] The EMP! It knocked everything out. – The Red Hood finally did it. – It’s gone.

We have no protection anymore. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh. – [Matt] It’s all out. – [Daniel] What? – [Matt] Everything’s gone. Nothing’s working.

– We got a flashlight. – Okay, flashlight works. – Flashlight. – That works. – I can’t believe E3 was all one big trick. – [Daniel] Everything that we were working up for was just so that she could shut down our safe house.

– She framed us. – Yeah, and she said it was a game. – The game was us.

We played her game. – [Daniel] How did the Game Master not know this? – I have no idea. We really need to get in contact with the Game Master because we need to figure out our next move. – [Matt] Guys.

– [Daniel] What? – The black box. – [Both] The black box. – We haven’t looked inside of this. – Oh, and you guys said in Kurt’s music video the one you did, the Aladdin one.

There were puzzle pieces on his instruments and they had a three digit code. And that was for this! – That’s right, ’cause at the end, he actually said “black box puzzle pieces.” – [Daniel] Oh right. – Oh yeah!

– What was that? – We don’t know, but if that’s right, that means it’s six, four, eight, or maybe it’s four, six– This is what you guys said, so if this works, thank you so much. Let us know if you helped us and you went to that music video and figured out the code. – Three, two, one.

– [Daniel] Does it say something? – “Red Hood’s big secret.” – [Matt] What does that mean?

– [Both] It’s in all capitals. – I think we need to open this. – So thanks to all of you guys that have helped us. Go and check out the Game Master Network and see if it’s still hacked or if we deactivated it and did it correctly. Shout out to you guys that got 100% on the last quiz.

Make sure to check out the video right here. Subscribe, turn on notifications. Wait, what’s in there? – Here we go. – What?

– I think it’s a photo of the Red Hoods. – [Both] Hoods? – Yeah, like, it’s two people. – What do you mean, two people? – No, I think it’s a couple.

2 big Powerball winners in Stockton despite no jackpot

Bria It Is The Top Of The Country A Powerball Jackpot So , Big The Signs Can’t Even Display It. Look At That. The Real Number Is $1.3 Billion. Nobody One Las Night’ $947 Million Prize So It Rolls Over , To Wednesday.there Were A Half Dozen Tickets Here In California That Had 5 Of The Six Winning Numbers On Them. One Of Those Tickets Was Sold In Stockton Kcra’s Kristen Simoes Shows Us, It’s A City On A Winning St.

Ok, So I’ll Take $10 Power Ball Ticket Please. Kristin Powerball Is Once Again : Breaking Records, With The Jackpot Climbing Now To A Number So Big, The Powerball Signs Can’t Display It $1.3 Billion. I Hear It’s A Worldwide Record, So Hey, Why Not Me, Right? Kristen: Customers Lined Up To Try Their Luck At Parkwood Gas And Food On West Hammer Lane, Where Someone Purchased A Ticket With 5 Out Of Six Winning Numbers On Last Nights Draw, Earning Them $779,000.

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Tokyo Vacation – Travel Guide

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is situated in the Kanto Region on the main island of Honsho. Tokyo’s greater metropolitan area has a population of over 35 million, making it one of the largest and most exciting megacities on the planet. Rocked by earthquakes and scorched by war, this centuries old city has refused to kneel.

Just like the sun, Tokyo has continued to rise, blending the old with the new, and the new with tomorrow. Tokyo is a spectacular matrix of villages, towns and cities, strung together by a subway and train system that never rests. Just like the Japanese pop culture monster Godzilla, Tokyo’s size and energy can intimidate first time visitors.

Yet despite the neon, noise and sheer volume of people, Tokyo’s soul beats with a heart of zen. Tradition, ritual and respect are the hallmarks of Japanese society. This is a place that cherishes its children, reveres its elderly, and treats visitors like honored guests. Tokyo is a city of multiple personalities; whenever you pop up from the subway, it can feel as though you’ve arrived in an entirely different city. Yet Tokyo is an incredibly well-ordered society, everything has its place and purpose, and this is especially true, of its neighborhoods.

Begin your Tokyo journey gently, in the ancient temple town of Asakusa. At the city’s oldest temple, Sensoji, pay your respects to kannon, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. The temple was built to house a golden statue of the goddess, pulled from the nearby river by two fishermen in the 7th century. Make an offering at the neighboring shrine, built to honor the brothers who found the statue, and you too might receive some heavenly good fortune.

When you’re ready to brave the streets of Tokyo, head to Asakusa’s, Thunder Gate and explore Nakamise Dori, a market street where worshippers have been buying religious charms and snacks for centuries. After the crowds, re-center yourself in Ueno park, before delving into the cultural treasures of the Tokyo National Museum. While conformity and tradition are two of the glues that bind Japanese society, Tokyo’s youth love to express themselves too. And nowhere is this more evident than the suburb of Harajuku, renowned throughout the world as a center of youth culture and fashion. Harajuku is also home to one of Tokyo’s largest green spaces, Yoyogi Park. On Sunday’s, locals gather to relax, rehearse and just hang out, making it the happiest 134 acres in Tokyo.

Just to the north of Yoyogi Park, pass beneath a towering Torii gate and into a forest of 100 000 trees, originally sent here as saplings from all over Japan. and finally, pass through the main gates to Meiji Shrine. Here, millions come each year to pay their respects to Emperor Meiji, the beloved 19th century ruler who helped Japan throw off its feudal cloak and grow into to the dynamic country it is today. Just south of Yoyogi Park is Shibuya, home to one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world. Every area of Tokyo dances to it’s own distinctive beat,…in Shubuya the beat, is shopping.

In nearby Ginza, huge department stores like the historic Wako Store await. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the main street is closed to traffic giving Ginza a relaxed, and slightly surreal atmosphere. Ginza has a grittier side too. Be sure to check out the tiny yakitori joints and beer halls tucked away beneath the railway arches around Yurakucho Station. For a change of pace, explore the downtown business district of Marunouchi, whose wide tree-lined avenues and boutique stores lend Tokyo a certain, New York touch.

If you’re into anime, manga, or gaming, you’ll feel right at home in Akihabara Electric Town. As its name suggests, this area really lights up after dark. As the sky glows in blaze of neon, head to the restaurants and pubs in Shinjuku, one of the city’s main dining and entertainment areas. Stay up late, and let the magical lights of Tokyo’s nights, melt into your memory,…forever.

After exploring Tokyo’s neon forests, greet the new day at the Shinjuku Gyoen National Gardens. Tokyo’s youth may take center stage at Yoyogi Park, but at these quiet gardens, it is Mother Nature’s beauty that is honored. The Japanese have a saying, “dumplings are better than flowers”, so, no matter how much nature is revered, food comes first! Tokyo is one of the culinary capitals of the world. The city’s restaurants have been awarded more Michelin stars than any other city, and when the food’s this good, Tokyo residents don’t mind waiting! For the freshest sushi and sashimi, head to the Tsukiji Fish Markets, then after your meal, pick up some sushi knives to take home.

When it’s time to rise above Tokyo’s never-ending canyons of glass and steel, ride the elevator to the observatories of Tokyo Tower. For even higher views, head to Roppongi Hills. From the 52nd floor of the Mori Tower, Tokyo spreads out beneath you, all the way to Mt Fuji, Tokyo Bay and beyond. Set on the western banks of Tokyo Bay, the city of Yokohama is only a half hour train ride from central Tokyo. This historic port became the first gateway to Japan when the country opened itself to the West in 1854.

Compared to hyperactive Tokyo, life moves a little slower here, making it the perfect place to catch your breath. Today, Narita is the gateway to Japan. When most people think of Narita, they think of its international airport. However this small city of winding streets, ancient temples and gardens is a fascinating window into old Japan. Follow the Omotesando to the Naritasan Temple, dedicated to the Buddhist god of fire.

And before you depart, be sure to leave a wish on the prayer wall. Because, whether you’re young at heart, or prefer things the old fashioned way, everything has it’s place in Tokyo, and there’s a place here waiting, for you.

Incredibly Bets People Have Ever Made!

It’s not enough to be the best at something or on the right side of an argument. It’s not enough to support the winning team or play a game for the fun of it. It matters more if there’s a bet involved. Most of the time it’s money, but sometimes, ideas for bets can get a little out of hand.

Here’s our Top 10 Most Outrageous Bets Ever Made. I bet you can’t guess what’s Number One.

In 2010, a player in New Zealand lost a bet at the poker table, meaning he had to legally change his name to Full Metal Havok More Sexy N Intelligent Than Spock And All The Superheroes Combined With Frostnova. This name is 99 characters long, one fewer than New Zealand’s name character limit of 100. The man filled in the necessary forms and promptly forgot about it, thinking the name would probably be rejected by the government. He only found out that his name had been legally changed five years later when his passport expired, and the new one came back with his new mega name on there. Legally, Full Metal, as I’ll call him has to now change his name on his driving license and all other legal documents.

Alternatively, he could pay the 127 New Zealand dollars to change it back to whatever it used to be. Let’s hope he kept it. Number Nine, Richard Branson Becomes a Stewardess.

When the super rich make bets with each other, they barely bet with money. I mean, what are they gonna do if they win? Throw their winnings on the pile with the rest of it? No, the super rich like to make each other do embarrassing things instead.

In 2010, Richard Branson and Tony Fernandez, two pretty well-off friends who both own airlines and Formula One teams, made a bet while watching the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Whoever’s team finished behind the other’s at the Grand Prix would have to become a stewardess for the day on the other’s airline. Richard Branson’s team lost, so he donned Air Asia’s red uniform, slapped on some makeup, and duly serviced the drinks on Air Asia’s flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur. Branson even shaved his leg for the occasion, but not his trademark beard.

He also managed to spill a tray of drinks over Tony Fernandez. Number Eight, Tattoo Bets. Nothing beats a tattoo bet. A permanent reminder of when you should have kept your mouth shut while watching a game or playing cards. Here are some of my favorites.

While the UK is a tennis-crazy country, we haven’t had many world-beating players. British tennis fan Will Hirons probably felt safe tweeting that if new sensation Andy Murray every won Wimbledon, he’d have Andy’s face tattooed on his left buttock. Unfortunately for Will, Andy triumphed in 2013, and had to make the trip to the tattoo parlor. Here are some more. Bernie Sanders voter, Zach Robert, bet a friend that Donald Trump would never be president of the US, and if he was wrong, he’d get Trump’s face tattooed on his back. You can guess the rest.

Another guy didn’t believe that a narwhal was actually an animal, and if they were, he’d get one tattooed on himself. Perhaps he should have gone double or nothing with the Tooth Fairy. This guy didn’t love himself when he came bottom of his Fantasy Football League and was forced to get at tattoo of Justin Bieber. Finally, never make a bet with a tattoo artist.

This poor guy did over a game of beer pong. The result, black nipples forever. Number Seven, Hot Dogs. When you’re a student, money is tight. Sometimes you’ll do anything to make some money.

When McMaster University student Colin Moffatt bet his roommate, Jim Harrison, $1,500 that he couldn’t eat 450 hot dogs in a month, Jim had no choice but to take him up on the bet. To put this into perspective, that’s 15 hot dogs every single day. Despite many attempts by Colin to sabotage his friend, such as buying him pizza or offering him a bit less money to stop eating the dogs, Jim smashed his target. What’s more, Jim polished off most of the hot dogs on a webcam so everyone could see he wasn’t cheating. Jim became an internet sensation over the bet, with other gamblers placing wagers on whether or not he could do it. I wonder what Jim spent his $1,500 on.

Vegetables, I imagine. Number Six, Taser Bet. When you support a team, but your significant other supports their rivals, it can make for a messy relationship.

At least twice a season, your teams will meet, and your alliances will be tested. Chicago Bears fan, John Grant, and his Green Bay Packers-supporting wife, Nicole, were watching their teams play each other in a bar in Wisconsin when things got a little out of hand. The Grants decided to make a bet where whoever’s team won would get to shoot the loser with a taser. The Bears won 27-20, and the couple went to a nearby alleyway to settle the bet.

A camera was there to film the results. Nicole seems to think the first shot is pretty funny, but falls to the ground after the second shot. After the third shot, a joke is a joke, and she calls the police.

John was arrested for carrying a taser without a license. I’m guessing they don’t watch Bears/Packers games together anymore. Number Five, Breast Implants. Magician and professional gambler, Brian Zembic, had a reputation as a guy who would do anything to win a bet. In 1996, one of his fellow pro poker players decided to put this reputation to the test.

He bet Brian $100,000 to get breast implants and keep them for an entire year. Brian happily agreed to the bet. He found a surgeon who would do it and played backgammon with him to get his $4,500 fee down to zero.

After a year, Brian won the money, but did he go and get the 38C implants removed? No, he did not. Brian said he got used to his new breasts and wanted to keep them. He said his wife got used to them, too, and he’d look even sillier without them. 21 years later, he still has them.

Other bets Brian has taken include living in a bathroom for a week for $7,000 and living in a box for a week to win $25,000. If you ever meet Brian, don’t make a bet with him. You will lose.

Number Four, Drunk Steals Plane, Twice. Licensed pilot Thomas Fitzpatrick, Tommy Fitz to his friends, is another man never to make a bet with. In 1956, after a night out in Manhattan, a friend challenged Tommy’s assertion that you could fly from New Jersey to Manhattan in only 15 minutes. Tommy, not liking to be doubted, promptly left the bar and drove to an airfield in New Jersey, where he stole a single-engined airplane. He then flew the plane back towards Manhattan, landing it in the street outside the bar and walking in for last orders.

How he didn’t hit anything during the drive or the flight is anyone’s guess. When the police inevitably arrived, Fitz was fined a laughable $100. Two years later, Fitz was in the same bar, telling the same story to a new patron. The guy thought Fitz was winding him up, so Fitz left the bar, drove to New Jersey, stole a plane, and did exactly the same thing. This time, the police didn’t think it was quite as funny. Fitz was jailed for six months.

Number Three, You Bet Your Wife. We’re back to poker again, and the story of Russia’s Andrei Karpov. In 2007, Karpov was playing poker with Sergey Brodov.

Karpov had run out of money, but, desperate to stay in the game, actually offered his wife Tatiana as collateral. He must have thought he had a really great hand. Unfortunately, he did not. He lost the game and his wife. When Brodov turned up to claim his prize, Tatiana was not best pleased.

She filed for a divorce. This story has a happy ending, however. Tatiana and Brodov started a proper relationship and have since married. Tatiana said, “Sergey was a very handsome, charming man “and I am very happy with him, “even if he did ‘win’ me in a game of poker.”

Number Two, Dan Bilzerian. Self-styled king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian, is a man that loves a bet. He’s made and lost fortunes playing poker and rarely says no to a dare when there’s money involved.

Those private jets and yachts don’t pay for themselves. In 2016, Dan’s poker buddy and venture capitalist, Bill Perkins bet Dan $600,000 that he couldn’t cycle from his Hollywood mansion to the Las Vegas sign in less than 48 hours. That’s around 600 miles. Challenge accepted.

Dan enlisted Lance Armstrong to coach him and set off on his ride. Amazingly, Dan not only completed the challenge, he did it in 33 hours. Handing over the money, Perkins claimed that while he lost, it was Dan who was the real loser. “He looks like the Grinch,” said Perkins.

“His skin is green.” This wasn’t Dan Bilzerian’s first mega bet. In 2011, he bet his friend, attorney Tom Goldstein, $400,000 that his 1960 Shelby Cobra muscle car would beat Goldstein’s Ferrari 458 across the Las Vegas Speedway track. Much to people’s surprise, Dan won the race and the cash.

Number One, I Bet Everything. We’ve seen some crazy bets in this list, but none have bet literally everything they own until now. Ashley Revell, from England, decided he wanted to bet everything he had on one spin of the roulette wheel, red or black. He sold everything he had. His home, his clothes, everything, making a total of around $135,000. He then went to The Plaza in Las Vegas to make his potentially life-changing bet, followed by British TV cameras.

He put it all on black, but as the wheel was spinning, changed his mind and moved it to red. The ball landed on 7 Red, and Ashley was a winner. With his winnings, he started free pokies online poker company. Ashley wasn’t the first person to do this, however.

In 1980, Texan William Lee Bergstrom walked into the Binion’s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas with two suitcases. One was empty. The other contained his life savings, $777,000. He then staked it all on one throw of the dice at the craps table. At the time, it was the largest bet in history. William won the bet, doubling his money.

He left the casino with two suitcases full of money and disappeared. In 1984, William resurfaced to try the same trick again. Unfortunately, he lost $1 million and committed suicide the year after. Moral of the story, don’t be greedy.

Finally, how about this guy? Brazilian businessman, Pedro Grendene Bartelle put $35,000 on one number at roulette, number 32. Can you guess what number the ball landed on? That’s right, Pedro was suddenly $3.5 million richer.